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Guest cycle

Morning preparation
        log book
        reception area
        check list
        expected arrival list
Arrivals details preparation
Details that should be rechecked:
          condition of room reserved
          arrival time
          payment arrangement
        special requests.

Distribution of arrival list
Arrival list must be distributed to:
A.    House keeping
B.    Laundry
C.    Food & beverage department:
        room service
            D. Front office
        telephone operator
        front office cashier
        other related sectors.
Welcoming guests

How to welcome guests in polite manner:
          offering assistance
          ask the guests if they have made a reservation
          ask  the guest name and check if it is on the expected arrivals list.

Confirming reservations
Kinds of information that should be obtained when confirming reservations:
          contact person
          kind of room
          length of stay
          special requests.

Up selling techniques
        having knowledge of the hotels products
          offering the hotel facilities
          informing guest of the additional facilities available
          showing the rooms and facilities.

Check – In a walk – In guest
1.        Greet the guest.
2.        Offer assistance.
3.        Check if they have a reservation.
4.        Apply up-selling techniques.
5.        Assign the room.
6.        Complete the registration card.
7.        Issue the guest key.
8.        Arrange for a bell boy to escort the guest.
9.        Offer a greeting e.g. “enjoy your stay”.
10.   Open the bill.
These procedures can be different according to the standard operating procedures of each company enterprise.

Explanation of additional facilities
Additional facilities include:
          room key
          guest mail
          safety deposit box.

Preparing the supporting bills
When guest check out, a search for supporting bills should be checked from the following areas?
          food & beverage outlets
          mini bar (house keeping)
          other operating departments:
ü    flower shop
ü    drugstore
ü  fitness, etc.
Express check – out
        the guest has given information and credit card
          prepare the guest bill
          prepare all supporting bills
          call the bellboy to handle the guest luggage
          inform other departments that need to know of the guest       departure.

Group check – out procedure
        check expected departure
          deal directly with the tour leader
          notify concierge, (eg: to handle guest’s luggage, etc)
          prepare the master bill
          collect and check all supporting bills
          arrange payment
          collect room keys
          offer a farewell greeting.
Types of front office records
The front office records include:
          guest data
          average stay
          average room rate
          room revenue
          single occupancy
          double occupancy
Distribution list for front office
reports and records

The front office reports and records must be distributed to:
          general manager
          housekeeping department.
          sales and marketing
          food and beverage
Room change procedure
           find out what type of room that the guest requested
           check the rooms availability
           check the actual room
           ask bell boy to remove the guest luggage
           inform to front office cashier
           inform other sectors that need to know
           make sure that the key of the old room has already been  collected.
No – shows
        expected arrival
           contact person
           no show policy (charge)
           no show fee
Early departures
        data of the guest
           reservation chart
           put out from reservation chart
           handling payment.
Extended stays
        name and the room number of the guest
           room availability
           length of stay
           fill in the reservation chart
        inform to all department concern

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